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Transforming my skin

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

I want to start of by saying, thank you for coming here to read my blog! It fills my heart with joy

to share this information with you guys.

Today, I will be talking about my body butter and how I used it to transform my skin.

This was a tough year for me, I had a lot of mental health issues and also my eczema was so bad!

I had it all around my mouth and chin, it was dry and cracked it would bleed.

The medication they gave me made

me sensitive to the sun, so it would get red and it hurt so bad. Everything that the Doctors gave me never worked.

I knew I was going to have to take this into my own hands. I started to use natural products, this is when

I started to learn about lotions and soaps. I started to do some more investigation on what causes eczema and different skin issues.

Lotions did nothing, they just made it worse. Because the lotions and creams contained drying ingredients.

I looked up different products and nothing was working.

I was so frustrated.

2013 was the magic year for me and my skin!

I FINALLY figured out what helped my skin.

I started making natural products, mango butter and shae butter were the key ingredients to my healing!

I added coconut oil to it and some essential oils, like frankincense, peppermint, and lavender.

I realized that my skin wasn’t healing underneath the layer of dry skin, so I took sugar, olive oil, and lavender. I scrubbed the area of my face that was had eczema on it.

These results were AMAZING!

I started to use this on the rest of my body and it was phenomenal

I went from having scaly, dry skin to soft, hydrated, and luscious skin! My skin shines, and is no longer dull!

This is a current look at my face and how clear my eczema is. I want to let you know I never want to make you think I can heal your skin. The products I make help maintain good skin. I still get issues just not as bad, I also don't suffer with itchy, dry, cracked, and bleeding skin

anymore. That's a huge win in my book. here is the link where you can get this cream it is the Eczema Butter

I hope you enjoyed my story. Thank you for reading my blog. I Appreciate you... Remember YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU GOT THIS... Till next blog stay true to you..

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