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Pain Struggles

Hey Beautiful Souls

I am Kimberly West the owner and founder of KW Natural Fixes. I wanted to start by saying thank you for coming to my site and reading my blog.

I wanted to share a story on why I created my pain begone cream. It has 17 essential oils in it that help with many different pain ailments.

It was 2015 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this was one of the worse pain I had ever felt, I already struggled with back pain, scoliosis, sciatica and nerve pain from brain aneurysm and I also had torn hip cartilage. This was a lot so I was on muscle relaxers, pain killers, and nerve blockers. I was always high on some medication. This got old fast.

I had tried essential oil blends but nothing helped so I decided to make my own. I thought to myself ,"maybe we need more oils for each issue". So I began to search for oils that helped with relaxion as well as nerve pain, inflammation, and sore muscles. I knew mints could help but I didn’t want to smell like a minty medicine product. I wanted something different, so it began...

In my search I found oils like Mellissa, Sweet Marjoram, Frankincense, and Peppermint to help with nerve pain. And these oils for sore, stiff muscles I found Lavender and Jasmine Chamomile German and Roman, Cypress, and Clove oil. For inflammation I found Peppermint, Winter green Clary sage and Arnica and Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Birch. What I thought was awesome was that some oils had multiple benefits to them. Then I thought to myself, what if I add all these oils to coconut oil, and then I found out the benefits of shae butter, mango and hemp seed oil and all help with inflammation. I thought, "wow that’s so amazing!". So the process started.

I went threw many different blends and I came up with the perfect one to help with all pain aliments that didn’t smell like a minty stick. It has more of a cinnamon with a hint of clover and lemongrass scent. Most would describe it as pleasant.

Now Pain Begon is my top selling product and is helping so many people with pain aliments. It makes my heart so happy to help so many people sleep better walk better and just live a happier pain free life.

Thanks for reading. Remember you are Amazing keep smiling! :-) You got this!

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