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How to incorporate Shea Butter into your life

Hey Beautiful Souls

I hope your day/night when ever you are reading this, is going absolutely amazing.

Let’s get into it!!

Shea butter is so good for the skin, so using a body butter with Shea can help skin retain moisture, which makes it soft and smooth!

I use Shea in my body butter!

Using Shea butter in your hair before washing can helped with hydration and strengthen the hair. It can also help with scalp issues like dry scalp, eczema, and helps with psoriasis!

Shea butter can also be used on the face! It has great anti aging properties, helps with fine lines, doesn’t clog pores, and helps to hydrate the skin.

Fun fact: dehydration is a #1 cause for wrinkles!!


Shea butter in one of the best products to use on your baby’s skin. If you use anything from the store. They may contain ingredients like alcohol, mineral oil, citrus acid, or witch hazel. This ingredients can be damaging to your skin. These ingredients can be setting the kids skin up  to have skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. This is all learned through personal experience.

Here is a photo of me before using my face butter:

This is a photo after using my products:

I have eczema and struggled with dry skin. Now my skin is great most days, I get flare ups with my eczema with stress but I am able to keep it hydrated and clean! No more cracking or bleeding which is phenomenal!

Read your labels!!

Well until next blog!


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