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Happy Oil

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I want to start with saying, thank you for reading my blog.

This is one of the hardest seasons for me, I am Vitamin D deficient and get so sore. The cold affects me so much.

Because of the changing seasons, I had been on anti-depressants and anxiety medications. There were so many side effects to the medications. I hated being on them, the ups

and downs, and inconstancy of the medication.

I started to do research on all these oils that had helped me with my pain and eczema.


I started to use different oils like lavender and Jasmine, this is one of my favorite oils.

Jasmine is a natural anti-depressant.

Sweet orange is also a great oil.

I started using it when I first woke up, to start the day out right. I would use Ylang Ylang to help boost my mood, I know this is what the sun does for me. My brain becomes crazy with thoughts so, I used vetiver to control the thoughts. I would use jasmine and peppermint to help with anxiety.

I decided to put all the oils together and called it my Happy Oil.

The reason behind making this is for other people, because I know mental health is huge and a lot of people struggle.

have a customer, she has many different aliments and I make hers blends into a body butter, called positive butter.

She has told me how she loves the way it smells and the way it calms her mind.

I can do the same for you, this is what I do best. Blending oils to smell good and work so you will use them. I don't doubt the oils because they work, we may just have to find right blend for you.

Remember that fall and winter are hard seasons but i can help make them a little brighter for you.

I can add these oils to a body butter or a sugar body scrub or a body/massage oil, I have defuser necklaces that are super cool way to aerate the oils.

Thank you for reading my blog,

I hope this was helpful and if one person can relate then I feel I am doing my part.

If you go to the contact information and fill it out putting your mailing address in the message part, I will send you a Happy Chaps Chapstick if you put sample Happy Oil I will send a sample of that too.

Until next blog,


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