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Hey Beautiful Souls

I wanted to start by saying Thank You for stopping by to read my blog

So here is the back story on Happy Chaps

Happy Chaps was my fist product that I made, now these chapsticks was meant to giving out because of the shortages on smiles on people faces, this sadden me.

I also know that different name brands are known for putting unhealthy ingredients in their Lip Balms I just wanted to create a product that had great ingredients and helped the issues.

I decided to put essential oil in them like sweet orange or lavender or a citrus these help produce positive thoughts.

Essential oils are amazing cause they only take 7 seconds to get from the surface of the skin to the blood stream

I use the best ingredients for the result of lip repair and hydration.

I know that our lips are the most used body parts so staying hydrated and not stressed is so hard to do, especially in the extreme weather.

My ingredients and formula help with these issues, I give a Happy Chaps with every order even give some for you to share with others.

I wanted to be different from other chapsticks and lip balms.

so I make sure I use ingredients that help the lips to repair and soften and hydrate.

Shae Butter is great for helping with emollients which means to moisturizer it also helps to protection and lubrication. Shae Butter has vitamins A,E and F.

Mango Butter is great for hydration helps already dry chapped lips, mango butter has these vitamins E and A.

Cocoa Butter is great for hydration and protection from the extreme weathers.

cocoa butter has vitamins A,C, and E.

this is just a few ingredients to show you, I have the best intentions for your lips cause your

Smiles mean the world to me.

If you fill out the contact information and put your address in the message part I will send you a Happy Chaps chapsticks.

Thank You for reading my blog.


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