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Did You Know

Hey Beautiful souls,

I am back with a new blogging series.

I am so excited to start sharing with you why I love oils and why I use the oils I use.

Did you know,

Sweet Orange helps to produce positive thoughts within 30 second! Could you imagine your sad thoughts can change? Wow!!

Orange is a Anti-depressant, helps in inflammation, is a antiseptic, and a sedative to the nervous system. It also aids in good digestion and lymphatic system.

Sweet orange can help with fungal issues.

Sweet orange is high in vitamin A, B and C, This is why orange are so good for us and we need to incorporate the peels in our lives also.

I will share with you on how you can do that.

Save the peels and then dry them out. You can put them in the oven on low heat until completely dried, let cool, and grind in a blender or herb grinder!

BOOM Vitamin C powder!

Best stuff ever!

Some safety precautions to be aware, orange can cause sunburns, so be cautious when outside in mass sunlight.

What an amazing oil, RIGHT?

The product that I use sweet orange in are my Happy Products! Like,Happy oil

Happy Butter

Happy Kits samples pack

and  Happy Pits.

Thank You for reading my blog. I hope you learned something, and hope this was helpful. If I can help one person feel better or understand more about essential oils, I have done my part!

Until the next blog,


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